Our Partners

DWELE is a member of the CSO Network, Western Kenya and has been working in many informal complementary partnerships with other development agencies that include:

  • Government Ministries/Departments of Health Services and Sanitation; Provincial Administration from the grassroots to the Regional levels, Gender, Culture and Social Development; Ministry of Education and Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources;
  • Other Civil Society Organizations that NGOs, Community-based Organizations (CBOs) and Faith-based Organizations for joint outreach activities, especially HIV&AIDS, for expanded reach to the members of the communities we work with and synergistic.

Seeking New Partnerships

DWELE seeks resource-support partnership with development agents that include donor organizations, individuals and groups with similar mission/vision for the realization of benefits for the target population.

Currently DWELE is in the process of seeking Online resource mobilization partnership with GlobalGiving Foundation and global donors for a Three-year Education+Plus project that targets internally-displaced girl-children from poor families and the HIV&AIDS orphans and vulnerable children in the host communities in Western Kenya. The first attempt on GlobalGiving Global Open Challenge on http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/dwele-education-plus-for-100-displaced-kenyan-children/updates did not secure the qualifying targets but we are gearing for a repeat in the September 2012 Global Open Challenge. Thanks to those global donors in the April 2012 Open Challenge whose donations have made it possible for to us set-start the project inception activities in small scale.

We invite partners and donors to work with DWELE as development friends on programmes (within our Mission) and to support our strategic organizational development.