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Welcome to Dwele Home

Who we are

DWELE (Development Work in Education, Livelihoods and Environment) is a non-profit making and non-religious organization working in education and training, health and HIV&AIDS, environmental concerns, democracy and governance and socio-economic empowerment of the vulnerable population. It is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that is registered in Kenya under Section 10 of the Non-Governmental Organizations Act since January 2003, which is equivalent to Not-For-Profit 501(C)3/International Type. Currently, DWELE has an office base in Kisumu City in Western Kenya....

DWELE Governance

DWELE is governed by a five-person Board of Directors with diverse but complementing professional backgrounds and ordinary members of similar numbers. These are the decision making organ of the organization. For day to day management and operations of the organization, DWELE has three Executive Directors that comprise Technical Director, Operations Director and Managing Director....

The DWELE membership comprises of a group of professionals who had had diverse hand-on experiences in various aspects of community development programmes, ranging from social work, holistic capacity building for self-help and socio-economic development. It also has representatives of communities’ special groups that include the youth, women and persons living with HIV&AIDS.

DWELE employs retrospective participatory and partnership and Right-based approaches in its development interventions to facilitate systematic livelihood changes and community ownerships for sustainable positive changes in the lives of individuals and their communities..

Where DWELE Is Located